Regain Your Rights

Have you or anyone you know lost your right to vote? One Voice and MS Votes want to help you regain your voting rights. Fill out our short and easy application to apply for suffrage.

What is the current process to regain your right to vote:
According to the MS Capitol’s Legal Services Department:

  • Submit an application. People who have lost their right to vote due to prior incarceration or a felony conviction can apply by completing an application. You can either complete a paper application (which can be downloaded here) OR complete our simple online form.
  • Get your application signed by a member of the MS House of Representatives or Senate. Need help in getting your application signed? Not to worry! One Voice & MS Votes can facilitate this process. Call our rights restoration hotline at: 1-888-601-VOTE (8683). Find your state representative and senator using this quick lookup tool.
  • Application Review. Once your application is submitted, the MS Legal Services Department will review it and will confirm that you are eligible to regain your right to vote. They will contact the Department of Corrections to confirm that all fees, probation periods and programs are completed.
  • Review by the State Legislature. All applications to regain the right to vote must be approved or ‘passed’ by the state legislature. After confirming your eligibility, the Legal Services Department will send your application to the MS House Judiciary Committee. This small group of representatives who regularly deal with criminal justice issues will decide whether your application should be voted on by the full MS House of representatives. They will either approve or deny your application to proceed in the process.
  • Vote by MS House of Representatives. If your application is approved to proceed in the process, it then moves to the full House of Representatives where it is voted on. To regain your right to vote, 2/3rd of the representatives must vote in favor or restore your right to vote.
  • Vote by MS Senate. If your application is passed in the House of Representatives, it must then proceed to the Senate for a vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee and then the full Senate.
  • Applications are considered once every legislative session. In 2021, the application deadline was March 3rd.