Have you or anyone you know lost your right to vote? One Voice and MS Votes want to help you regain your voting rights. Fill out our short and easy application to apply for suffrage.

Mississippi’s Mass Incarceration Problem

Mississippi has the 3rd highest incarceration rate in the country and has a criminal legal system that makes it harder for formerly incarcerated Mississippians to gain employment, find housing, vote, or acquire essential resources and services. The system disproportionately targets Black residents for arrest and incarceration, then strips them of their political power by taking their right to vote.

What are Advocates Doing?

Mississippi Votes and One Voice are helping residents regain their right to vote by guiding them through the restoration process. By providing an easy online form and helping people contact their state representatives, we are working to ensure everyone has a voice.

One Voice and Mississippi Votes are advocating for the following state policy proposals, rooted in the lived experience of incarceration and its life-long impacts:

  1. Restore voting rights to everyone who has completed their prison term
  2. Establish a clear process and inclusive criteria for approving suffrage applications
  3. Limit the harms of the criminal legal system to better support reentry from prison
  4. Modernize our voter registration and election administration to reduce barriers to voting

In March 2021, One Voice and Mississippi Votes released a joint report with Advancement Project National Office, sharing the experience and challenges faced by the formerly incarcerated. The report, Our Voices, Our Votes: Felony Disenfranchisement and Reentry in Mississippi, is a great resource in learning more about the issues surrounding reentry and the right to vote for those with prior felony convictions.

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restore Your Voting Rights

While the process of regaining your voting rights may seem intimidating, One Voice and Mississippi Votes are committed to helping you through the process. Get started by completing the form below. Have questions? Get live support by calling our rights restoration hotline: 1-888-601-VOTE (8683).